About Vanessa

Hi, I’m Vanessa, wildlife filmmaker and nature-lover since birth.  I couldn’t help it, really.  My dad is a naturalist by profession. (That’s someone who studies and teaches about nature.  Not someone who runs around naked–that’s a “naturist.”  A few letters makes a big difference in this case.)  So, I grew up with a pet bullfrog who sang along with my piano lessons, and terrariums filled with snakes and spiders next to the dinner table.  Our family vacations were canoe trips through The Everglades or Okefenokee Swamp.  Sure, sometimes we went to the beach, but only if we were camping.

I always knew I wanted a career in nature, so I earned a degree in Wildlife Biology. After stints as a scientist and then an activist, I eventually picked up a video camera and found my calling.  I got my start in documentaries working for the Discovery Networks and have produced both on-air and online content for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and the Science Channel, earning an Emmly nomination and Webby Award for my work.  I also create outreach and marketing campaigns for non-profits such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and The Jane Goodall Institute.

Through my company Sparkfire Media, I help clients use media to achieve their goals, whether that goal is to raise money for a cause, increase social media presence, or define their image.  If you are interested in learning more about my media production and consulting services, please contact me at Vanessa@NatureBreak.org.