Operation Migration NatureBreak

Using ultralight aircraft, conservationists guide whooping cranes along on their first migration from Wisconsin to Florida.


Its hard to believe that it has been five years since I started this community for nature lovers. Thanks to all of you, it has been incredibly fun and rewarding. We’ve been able to share our experiences, learn from each other, and make real┬áconservation impacts.


Join my dad and me as we set out to see how many snakes we can find in one day.


I came across this scene of a garter snake eating a toad at a local nature center. P.S. This entire snake video was taken with my IPhone!


Rare video of a timber rattlesnake fight, caught by a NatureBreak member. A reptile fight like this is hardly ever seen, let alone caught on camera.


NatureBreak.org brings you a first-hand look at IWFF in Missoula, MT–a festival for filmmakers from all over the world to dream up new projects, share ideas about conservation, and have a great time.


A look at how shows like Man vs. Wild harm animals, and a chat with the author of a new book that challenges the ethics of wildlife filmmaking.