NatureBreak is Back!

Its hard to believe that it has been five years since I started this community for nature lovers. Thanks to all of you, it has been incredibly fun and rewarding. We’ve been able to share our experiences, learn from each other, and make real conservation impacts.

I’m excited to announce the relaunch of the NatureBreak website.  Due to steep increases in the cost of our former social network platform, we are now relying on our Facebook page for the social side of NatureBreak.

To keep up with all our community activity, please “like” on Facebook and share all of your photos, videos, and comments on the page.  You can also subscribe to my YouTube channelfollow me on twitter, and subscribe to my blog via email.  As always, please invite your friends to do the same so that we can continue to build our community.

I’m very excited about the future of our community of nature lovers.  Together, we can help to spread appreciation of nature across the internet.

Yours truly,

Vanessa Serrao, NatureBreak Founder



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