Known for offering some of the most scenic views of the mountains, Chimney Rock is located 95 miles from Charlotte. The park gets its name from a 300-feet high spire, which is present on the park’s southern side. There is a small stairway to the summit of the spire, which was built in 1885. There was an elevator to the summit, which is currently closed down for repairs.

In addition to scenic views, Chimney Rock several trails for hiking and mountain biking, and the Rocky Broad River, which is a major attraction for catching trout. Don’t forget your fishing license, though, since that’s a requirement here. One can access the fishing waters from the front gate of the park. The Rumbling Bald Mountain has a facility for rock climbing, though it is not available to beginners and cannot be availed without a permit and registration.

Unlike other parks, Chimney Rock has several other attractions besides its outdoor ones. There are two gift shops and a restaurant, as well as grills and picnic tables which are located at various spots. The gift shops, which are located on the bottom and top of the elevator, offer various souvenirs, books, clothing and decorative items, among others. The Old Rock Cafe, which is the resident restaurant offers several traditional and contemporary dishes to visitors, and even has a patio dining feature.

Contact Information:

Address: 431 Main St, Chimney Rock, NC 28720

Phone: 800-277-9611