Weymouth Woods Preserve

Yes, it is a reserve, focused on preserving something. In this case: preserving the longleaf pine forest along with the animals and plants which thrive on it. But it also offers a chance for visitors to unwind either by doing an activity or by enjoying the sheer beauty of nature.

Spread over an area of 900 acres, Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve offers a unique combination of offering activities while working for a specific cause. The preserve has a guided tour system in place, and offers a network of short and easy trails that make for enjoyable and invigorating hikes. It also has a visitor center that offers museum-like exhibits which showcase, among many different things related to nature, the longleaf forest and its history, as well as the flora and fauna that forms a part of its ecosystem.

The forest itself is a spectacle with trees old and new, large expanses of wiregrass, and rare-to-find plant and animal species, and makes for a great place to go bird-watching or observing wildlife. If you want to spend a quiet, enjoyable, challenge-free time, this is the place to be.

Contact Information:

Address: 1024 Ft. Bragg Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Phone: 910-692-2167

Website: https://www.ncparks.gov/weymouth-woods-sandhills-nature-preserve