Crowders Mountain

A fantastic place for climbing or hiking, or simply sitting back and enjoying being in the midst of nature, Crowders Mountain State Park is located 32 miles west of Charlotte. It takes an average of 40 minutes to get there. Containing a wide variety of terrains – from flat valleys to towering cliffs, Crowders Mountain State Park has a lot to offer to its visitors, no matter what their age, experience or fitness level.

Crowders Mountain State Park has companion peaks, i.e. The Pinnacle and Crowders Mountains, which together offer towering 150-foot cliffs, 25-mile-wide magnificent views, and a rugged terrain that offers challenging hikes and climbs. In fact, the rock-climbing activities bring in people from several different counties and even from other states. The State Park offers 11 different trails, which range from pastoral to very strenuous, and run for miles altogether, as well as a Backcountry camping feature complete with individual sites and rent-able cabins. Boats and canoes are available for rent too, and one can take them on the 9-acre lake either to fish or to canoe.

There are other opportunities too: One can visit the visitor center, which hosts museum-style exhibits and ongoing interactive programs. And if you visit in the summer, you’ll be greeted by the welcome station and get the opportunity to be a part of the rangers’ interpretive programs.

Contact Information:

Address: 522 Park Office Lane, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Phone: 704-853-5375