Located on Charlotte’s northern outskirts, the Latta Plantation Nature Center, which is located near the Catawba River, is a one of a kind natural reserve that is historic as well as beautiful and breathtaking. Originally owned by James Latta, an Irish immigrant who ran a cotton plantation on huge land in the 1800s, Latta today acts as a county-owned plantation that is a home to several endangered species.

Latta Plantation Nature Canter basically works as a historical museum and in addition to endangered livestock, features many things for visitors such as honeybee exhibits and cotton-picking demonstrations, among others. Also present is the Latta Nature Center, which offers several outdoor activities such as water activities, hiking trails and equestrian and guided tours.

Contact Information:

Address: 6211 Sample Rd, Huntersville, NC

Phone: (704) 875-1391